Big Watch Weekend
Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd August

The BIG Watch Weekend is an Annual Cetacean watch organised with Partners from various organisations along the north east coast. Big Watch Weekend supports the National Whale and Dolphin Watch organised by Seawatch Foundation. For more information about how to get involved invoved in our region – see below! 

Before the Big Watch Weekend was launched in 2013 there was little data for Cetaceans along the North East Coast, and by encouraging people to take part in an annual structured survey, hundreds of Sightings have been generated over the Big Watch Weekend alone!

How do I take part?

What you’ll need:

Seawatch foundation are providing online training sessions , and have fantastic resources you can use to help with identification.

Training for Big Watch weekend 2020!!

Where is the Big Watch Weekend happening in our area?

Below is a list of potential sites along the coast with a good vantage point from which to watch.

Please keep health and safety at the forefront of your mind whilst out and ensure you adhere to the UK Government Covid-19 guidance.


Stag Rocks, Bamburgh

Cullernose Point

Snab point, Creswell

Blyth Battery

St. Mary’s Island


Trow point

Cliffe Park

Hendon Promenade car park

Rhyope Denemouth

Seaham Vane Tempest car park

Nose’s point Seaham





Redcar sea front


Clifftops between Saltburn and Staithes


What is a wildlife record?

Quite simply, it is a documented occurrence of an animal or plant, at a specific location and point in time by a named person. Four key pieces of information need to be in place to ensure that the record is valid:

  • What did you see?
  • When did you see it?
  • Who saw it?
  • Where did you see it?

Our website can help you find your location by using an interactive map but the fantastic Grab a Grid Reference website is also very handy.

Often, you may want to add in some more information, like what the species was doing, how many there were, what age or sex the species was. As well as being interesting, this additional information is also extremely useful.

If you would like more information please contact us at

ERIC North East, Great North Museum: Hancock, Barras Bridge Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4PT