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CG8 Grassland Habitat Definition

The particular community – Blue Moor grass / Small Scabious (Sesleria albicans / Scabiosa columbaria ) grassland – is a NVC community of lowland calcareous grassland which occurs uniquely within Europe in the Durham Magnesian Limestone Natural Area. This community is included in the definition for Magnesian Limestone Grassland, but because of its rarity is defined separately as an additional monitoring target.

Identification & Mapping

The community should conform to the description of CG8 (Rodwell 1992*). For rapid identification of this habitat and mapping the presence of Blue Moor grass (Sesleria albicans) is taken as the defining feature of CG8 in the Durham area.

Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment should follow the non-statutory condition assessment for CG8 grassland.

*Rodwell J S (1992) British Plant communities Volume 3 Grasslands and Montane Communities. Cambridge University Press. Pages 211-217.