Phragmites australis Reedbed (definition)

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Phragmites australis Reedbed Habitat Definition

Reedbeds are wetlands dominated by stands of common reed (Phragmites australis), where the water table is at or above ground for most of the year (swamps). Phragmites australis must cover more than 60% of the swamp community for the habitat to meet this definition. Phragmites australis Reedbed is a type of Fen community that is of particular value to many birds.

Condition Assessment

  1. Cover of scrub within the reedbed must be less than 10%.
  2. Surface water is present over at least part of the reedbed for most of the year.
  3. Cover of undesirable species (docks, thistles, ragworts, Indian (Himalayan) balsam) must be less than 5%.

Adapted from the Defra’s W08 reedbeds definition.*

*DEFRA (2005) Higher Level Stewardship: Farm Environment Plan – Guidance handbook.