Wood Pasture, Parkland and Veteran Trees (definition)

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Wood Pasture, Parkland and Veteran Trees Habitat Definition

Wood pasture or parkland are vegetation structures rather than particular plant communities. They are matrices of grassland, heathland and/or woodland habitats which contains large open-grown or high forest trees (often pollards) at various densities (following the UK BAP definition and Defra’s T03 definition for parkland and wood pasture)*.

Veteran trees are in-field, boundary or woodland trees which are over mature and with evidence of decay, often having been kept alive through management such as pollarding. It is not possible to use size precisely as a guide to maturity for individual species, because diameter or circumference depends on a number of other factors, including soil type and past and present competition. However a rule of thumb has been developed and is presented in the table below. Veteran trees also contain some or all of the following features: