Data Management

Wildlife records are managed using a software programme called Recorder, which is linked to a Geographical Information System (GIS) allowing visual mapping of site, species and habitat information.

To ensure a high quality of data, all of the information collated by ERIC North East is processed as follows:


Checking the correct identification of a species

Data held by ERIC North East is verified by an appropriate local or regional expert. Our primary contact would be the local recorder for the particular taxa group. Where there is no active recorder, we ask a local species expert who is familiar with a particular taxon group or site to help us with this task.

All of our records are marked with a ‘verification status’ showing whether they have been verified, require further investigation or are awaiting verification.


Checking the accuracy of how the record has been entered

All records are validated to ensure that the fields are accurate, including dates, grid reference and locations. Validation is carried out manually by ERIC North East staff, upon import into Recorder 6 and more recently using NBN Record Cleaner.

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