Ecological Consultancies

What do we provide?

A standard site-specific data request normally includes:

  • A list of protected and notable species records

  • An interactive pdf map of statutory and non-statutory nature conservation sites

ERIC North East charges an administration fee for data requests in order to cover the costs of reporting, collating and managing the data.

For full details please see the ERIC Data Request Form below.

How do I go about making a request?

Make a request for data using the online form.
Alternatively complete  the PDF Document ERIC Data Request Form 2018 and send it to

We aim to complete your request within 5 working days of receipt of your form. However, please note that during busy periods, this may take longer. Please let us know if your request is urgent, and we will endeavour to complete it as soon as possible.

NOTE: The data provided by ERIC North East in response to a data request represents the data available at the time of the request. The data provided does not necessarily represent all extant data for a given area, nor should the absence of data be interpreted as absence of a given species or habitat. Clients are recommended to consult other data holders, including those listed at the bottom of our Partners & Links page.

If you receive the Bat Conservation Trust’s National Bat Monitoring Programme records from us, please download the accompanying metadata document here: BCT Metadata