ERIC Data Information

ERIC North East currently holds a database of over 3.6 million records and is working to identify further sources of data and make this accessible.

We can only achieve this work with the help of a vast array of people who share their data with us. This includes members of the voluntary recording community, wildlife groups and societies, as well as organisations who collect ecological data as part of their normal business.

Without their hard work, we would know far less about the natural world than we do today.

ERIC is the Local Environmental Records Centre for North East England which borders with North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Scotland. ERIC also holds marine data for the inshore coastal waters to the east of the region. Currently ERIC NE holds over 3.6 million species records for the North East alongside Habitat and Site information. ERIC NE’s extent can be seen on the accompanying map.

This page aims to provide more information about ERIC NE’s data holdings including metadata for our species, habitat and site data holdings. ERIC NE has included metadata for our species and mapped data as well as a data report outlining the quality of our data holdings. This section also has our data flow document, which provides information about how data is managed and shared between users and suppliers.

Map showing ERIC NE boundary